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April 17 2015

December 08 2014

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FETISH Subculture Documentary

March 14 2014

November 05 2013

it's snix.: Socratic Circles - first try?


Because GWALP loves them so much, I decided to give them a try. I used this resource to help me decide how to structure the circles/prepare for it.

I had them read and answer the questions while I was gone, so I was hoping they would actually do the work [you know, it’s 50-50 with a…

Miyamoto says 'little chance' he'll have time to work on next Mario


With a new, unannounced project eating up most of his schedule, Nintendo legendary Shigeru Miyamoto believes there is “little chance” for him to take the reigns or be heavily involved with the next Mario game, he said in an interview with French site GameKult.

Miyamoto said he wants to be involved in other Nintendo projects as well as the Mario franchise, ad there’s likely not enough time for him to do both. However, even while he is serving as producer on one title he is constantly checking in on work for other games, he explained.

(Link to the full story)

November 02 2013

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Model: Elegy Ellem
latex:  Lady Lucie Latex 
photo: Josefine Jönsson / http://www.facebook.com/josefinejonsson.photography

Feel free to reblog, but please keep the credits! 

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Photo: peter dominix  http://i-am-dominix.tumblr.com/
Latex from westward bound

MUA: Linda Avsikt

Model: Psylocke

Don’t forget to visit my facebook page Psylocke <3

Also on instagram: Psylocke_Model


Twitter: psylockemodel 

Reblog if you like!


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Dedication to the job. If you thought it was cold today where you live spare a thought for the very lovely Sister Sinister out and about in the forests of Stockholm, Sweden in Westward Bound's High Waisted Miss-Adventures Latex Leggings, with the fabulous Josefine Jonsson photography & retouchwww.westwardbound.com/R1353

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tumblr_md2sozMw1K1r0x61vo2_500 (by Josefinejonsson)

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tumblr_md2sozMw1K1r0x61vo1_500 (by Josefinejonsson)

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Modelling by me

photo: mynumberis911

dress: maebelle latex

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Self-portrait in a dress from Maebelle Latex.


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At the subspace Halloween Ball. This year we got our Tron on. Slinka wanted to be Mara and James was a Black Guard from Tron: Uprising. The yellow, turquoise and orange are UV reactive and glow under blacklight. Identity discs were done as appliqués on the back.

Shots on the blood spatter background taken at subspace by Kindred’s Muze Photography.

EDIT: We’ve had a couple of people ask so I’ll post it here: The suits are made of latex. That’s just how we do. ;)

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Shining ritual commencing. #latex

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Fun times at last night’s shoot!

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House of harlot

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Latex workshop

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Miss Kitsch and Lily Cade “Afternoon Fisting” Online now at FetishKitsch.com 

Hoods by Latex Nemesis | Catsuits by Fantastic Rubber | Toe Socks by Blackstyle

aaah I like this one :D

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Miss Kitsch and Lily Cade in “Afternoon Fisting” coming very soon to FetishKitsch.com 

Hoods by Latex Nemesis | Catsuits by Fantastic Rubber | Toe Socks by Blackstyle

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